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Juan you rock! I very much appreciated and enjoyed your class. Your presentation was absolutely perfect. You've made the process of purchasing real estate simpler for a lot of people."

- Brian M.


Are you looking to learn the tricks of the trade professional real estate investors use?


Are you looking to sharpen your skills and better understand the concept behind cap rate, and gross rent multiplier?


Are you looking to expand your business by selling income-producing property to your clients?

Juan's class was amazing!

Juan's class was amazing! He taught us in a single class what other seminars took 5 days to cover. What I love about Juan is that he is real and genuine. He has a heart that wants to see you win and he gives you the tools to do just that. There is no fluff in his class, just pure knowledge. I highly highly highly (yes I said it 3 times) recommend this class. The value-add is priceless! 

- Janina G.